High Impact biogas system components

Customized solutions for your biogas plant

Customized solutions for every biogas plant

Running a biogas plant comes with several technical challenges. High Impact Group has extensive experience with solving technical issues that arise in daily goings of a biogas plant. We are specialized in manufacturing dryers, shredders, separation- and transport solutions. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Contact us now!

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Leave me a message or call me! Together we can analyse and develop ways to improve your waste management, and make it more cost effective. My job is to take care of your waste challenges, so you can spend your time and energy on what is really important for your company. My solutions are always straight forward, honest, solid and durable! 


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About us

Since 2015, High Impact is rapidly expanding its market share in the field of waste reduction and -processing systems. Today, we are globally applying our knowledge and experience to help companies making their waste processing more profitable and sustainable. Are you curious what we can do for you? Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Our mission

We are dedicated to provide solid and efficient stainless steel systems to improve the waste flow of companies dealing with organic waste or by-products. We take pride in delivering systems that really function as agreed upon; as we are not satisfied until our clients are.       

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