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Developing the perfect mobile seperator

12-09-2020 The past months we’ve been putting a lot of effort in perfectioning our manure separator. And it is really paying off. The input of this separator is wastewater from the tripe- intestinal- and stomachwashers, mixed with stomach contents. Just look at how dry that thick fraction is! Would you like to see a demo of our mobile manure separator at your farm or company? Please let us know, we are happy to show you how good it really is!                   

'Escape door' for cows


22-08-2020 A reputable dutch client asked us to design a solid stainless steel exit door for handling with stressed cows. Every now and then a cow is under stress when entering the slaughter house. For animal welfare stressed cows are given a possibility to exit via the door to be comforted. Ofcourse this also benefits the quality of the beef product, as the amount of stress the cow experiences directly influences the tenderness of the meat.                

Delivery of manure separator


28-06-2020 For a wellknown client in Germany we manufactured this separator for on-site manure (slurry) separation. It was nice to hear from the client that they were very content, and the compost solids that came out of the separator were exceptional dry. We design and manufacture a wide variety of custom made manure separators for separation, processing and collection of both pig and cow manure.  This machine allows the manure to be efficiently separated into solid compost and thin residual liquid.          

Hoof Remover delivery

21-01-2020 One of our dutch clients requested a system for removing hooves from beef feet in their slaughterhouse. Our Hoof Remover is designed to easily remove the nails or hooves from beef, calves, pig and sheep feet. The machine is very simple to operate and extremely reliable. The design is ergonomical and alows operators to safely remove up to 600 hooves per hour. The machine is supplied with an emergency stop electrical  safety system and a movable operation pedal. 

Not your average spare parts


17-12-2019 On of our clients in the UK urgently needed a new filter for their manure separator. This was a specific filter that could not be ordered anywhere anymore. High Impact Group produced the filter custom made in the requested dimensions. We always take pride in offering you the best quality spareparts within the shortest notice.      

Delivery pneumatic transport system

28-11-2019 On of our clients in Germany urgently requested a system for transporting cowhides in their slaughterhouse. We took effort to deliver on a really short term, so their production was optimized swiftly.      

Visiting a new client


27-11-2019 Today we visited a new client in Belgium. During a tour around the plant, we noticed a hoof remover machine we build years ago. When the client found out this machine was build by us, he was pleasantly surprised. The company was very content with the hoof remover: After all these years, the machine still looked brand new, and has always been working flawlessly, despite its heavy use on a daily base. That is how we like it! Would you like to know more about our stainless steel hoof remover? Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can make you a sharp offer.

Sedimentation Filtration


23-11-2019 Today we visited our client Ameco to install brand new sedimentation. For the water treatment system of this slaughterhouse, we replaced their old and broken filters for our quality welded stainless steel High Impact filters. Ready for a steady flow of high quality filtered water for many years to come.


Brand New Corporate Identity

01-10-2019 Today we are proud to launch our new corporate identity. While our brand new logo is a significant change, our core beliefs remain, and you can expect the same level of service and quality you have experienced so far.   

About us

Since 2015, High Impact is rapidly expanding its market share in the field of waste reduction and -processing systems. Today, we are globally applying our knowledge and experience to help companies making their waste processing more profitable and sustainable. Are you curious what we can do for you? Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Our mission

We are dedicated to provide solid and efficient stainless steel systems to improve the waste flow of companies dealing with organic waste or by-products. We take pride in delivering systems that really function as agreed upon; as we are not satisfied until our clients are.       

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